I go around looking and listening for things that might be good material for a story.

It might be a packet of fish fingers, a pair of false teeth or a dog wearing sunglasses.

Where do you get your ideas from?

Emma from Walsall



Excuse me. I support Brighton & Hove Albion aka The Seagulls who play in the English Premier League. The Seagulls have the best football club song ever. It's called 'Sussex by the Sea.'


However, I do have a bit of soft spot for Man U. A few years ago, I worked for them!  No, I wasn’t wearing the number 9 shirt, I was writing the script for the children’s audio tour of the Manchester United Museum

Do you support Man U?

Andrew from Manchester

Do you support Chelsea?

Kamran from London

See above.


Have you ever had a real job?

James from Surrey

Jobs I have done: farm worker, clerk in tax office, cleaner, care assistant, youth club leader, radio producer.


I've written over eighty books.  (So far.)

Have you written a lot of books through the years?

James from Exeter


What do you like writing best; books or television?

Christopher from Glasgow

I like both. With book writing you are on your own: just you in the world of your book. That's exciting. With television there are lots of other people - actors, directors, designers, technicians - who all have a role in telling your story on the screen.

That's exciting in a different kind of way.

Time Spinner

my first book


What is your favourite children's book?

Kate from Chesterfield

This can change from week to week, depending on what I've been reading.

Jeremy Strong’s The 100 Mile-an-Hour Dog is a truly funny and almost

perfect story. I was lucky enough to be asked to dramatise it for BBC Radio

a few years ago. But my favourite of all time has to be Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce.


Are you married?

Siobhan from Yorkshire

Yes and my wife's name is Carol. We have two sons called Joel and Tom.

Our family also has a dog called Holly, three cats called Meg, Bertie

and Timmy, fifteen chicken, two ducks, ten sheep and a mortgage.


What do you do in your spare time?

Rashid from Birmingham

I read, I sing. I listen to music. I listen to the radio and I pretend I'm an incredible jazz pianist. I share a nice meal with my family. I capture escaped chickens. I go to football in the winter and go sailing in the summer.

After that, I don't usually have any spare time. If I do, I put it in a drawer

and save it till later.

Tom’s Midnight Garden,

my favourite

children’s book.

Bertie and Timmy


What are your ambitions?

Yasmin from London

To stay happy and healthy and to discover a way of getting into yoghurt pots without getting messy.


What's your fave food?

Victoria from County Down

Anything that comes from our garden: raspberries, tomatoes, spuds, apples, pears, 

parsnips and herbs.

Hang on! That’s 11 FAQs!  You said there would be 10!

So now you don’t have to ask me what my worst subject at school was!.

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