ISBN 978-1-78837-263-3

The school bus arrived at the funfair.

“Welcome to the Big Top of Horrors,” 

said the Ringmaster. “If you are lucky,

you might even get to go home again.”

The pupils laughed.

They thought the Ringmaster was joking.

But then strange things started to happen…


ISBN 978-1-78837-325-8

There are always two sides to every story…

Dani is looking forward to Matt’s birthday meal at the local pizza restaurant. However, Matt fails to show up and the evening turns into a disaster. And when Matt doesn’t reply to her texts, Dani is worried. Matt has had some really shattering news. News that he can’t bear to share with anyone,

least of all his friends.


Will Dani discover the truth about Matt

before it’s too late?

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