I started writing when I was six.  This is what I wrote:


bodge (n) - a home-made cart, usually using the wheels from an old pram, a plank of wood, a bit of rope for steering and an old wooden box.

I went out on my bodge

A Typewriter, like

the one I first used.

Although I always had plenty of ideas, I found it difficult to hold a pen and my handwriting was dreadful. I only ever managed to write about one paragraph of anything and nobody could read it anyway. 


Then, one day, my dad brought home an old typewriter he’d picked up at a jumble sale.

I found that I could type much more quickly than I could write with a pen.  Not only that, people could even read what I’d written!


I sold my first poem to a national magazine when I was seventeen.  I got paid 50p for that. I sold my first joke when I was twenty six.  I got paid 50p for that, too.  I went on to write jokes, songs and sketches for comedians such as David Jason and Lenny Henry. 

I live near Rye, on the Sussex coast, with my wife and two sons. We have ten Soay sheep, fifteen chickens, five ducks, three cats and a dog. 


I’m passionate about music and when I’m not writing I like to pretend that I’m an incredible jazz pianist.  I like singing, too. And gardening. I support Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club.

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Geoffrey, a Soay sheep

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